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2012 top ten news events of the tire industry inventory

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Near the end of 2012, in the various aspects of the joint efforts of the Chinese tire industry has resisted pressure from many international and domestic, has made remarkable achievements, but also highlights some of the problems and shortc

Near the end of 2012, in the various aspects of the joint efforts of the Chinese tire industry has resisted pressure from many international and domestic, has made remarkable achievements, but also highlights some of the problems and shortcomings. The Tire World Network inventory this year, the domestic tire industry, the top ten news events, recording industry development under drip course.

The end of the event: the U.S. tire special safeguard case

China tire special safeguard measures the United States has implemented three years, formally terminated on September 26 this year, Chinese exports to the U.S. passenger car and light truck tires finally took off wearing a three-year-old "magic", and can be re-4% the normal tariff access to the U.S.. American Chinese tire export market, the news of China's tire export enterprises, is undoubtedly a major positive.

Event: EU tire labeling law formally implemented

November 1 this year, the EU tire labeling law formally implemented. All cars sold in the EU tires, light truck tires, truck tires, bus tires must affix a label that identifies the fuel efficiency of the tire rolling noise and wet grip level. Has not reached the level of the regulations or not tire labeling products may not be sold in the EU. This provision will have a greater impact on Chinese tire export enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

Event three: tire raw material prices fell sharply

This year, the price of natural rubber all the way to "stumble endlessly." The main reason is to expand the acreage of rubber producing countries in Southeast Asia, and newly planted rubber trees start producing plastic, as well as downstream weak demand. Producing countries of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia has repeatedly introduced measures intended to boost Jiaojia, however, the effect is not significant. Industry insiders estimate that next year the world's natural rubber prices remains a stalemate.

Event: Chinese tires was emerging countries, anti-dumping

Vietnam, Colombia, India, Argentina, Egypt, Brazil ...... after the implementation of the "safeguard" in the United States on Chinese tires, many emerging countries also began eyeing the rapid growth of the Chinese tire industry, and sometimes anti-dumping, countervailing and other trade events endless. It has also become a "catalyst" domestic tire enterprises to explore overseas export markets and seeking overseas factories.

Event Five: the tire enterprise market is not good effective

Backbone tire efficiency of enterprises in the context of the Chinese tire market growth rate of a serious decline in the first 10 months only by 2% growth rate has reached more than 30%;, tire listed companies in the stock market a sigh of sadness revenue, profit also contrarian Piaohong. According to the analysis, the main engine of growth of the tire business benefits from two aspects: First, the radial tire and the rapid development of high-end tire market; second is the main raw material prices fell sharply.

Event: the largest tire test field enabled

The Maxxis tire test field located in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province officially opened on November 16,. The test site is the largest tire test field, with a total area of ​​860,000 square meters, crafted by Cheng Shin Rubber Company took more than three years, $ 150 million investment. It is understood that, at present, many well-known national car manufacturer and the test field reached a cooperation agreement.

Event seven: tires for the first time into the car recall

Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council released in February this year, the "defective auto product recall management regulations (draft)". On October 10, the Bill passed in the 219th executive meeting of the State Council announced that since January 1, 2013 implementation. The Ordinance provides: "automotive products factory the attendant equipment of tire defects, responsible for the recall by the producers of automotive products; fails to carry equipment tire defects, by tire producers responsible for the recall." This is the tires for the first time to be included in the vehicle recall is expected to improve the chaotic situation of the automotive tire aftermarket "limbo".

Event: "green tire" standard-setting work start

China Rubber Industry Association is developing a "green tire self-regulatory standards, and is expected to be completed by the end of this year, the fight at the end of 2013 with the start non-mandatory" green tire grading conditions. The standard was developed in response to the EU tire labeling law and other "green barriers", from raw materials, technology and product standards, and comprehensively promote the industrial development of China's "green tire" fight "Twelve Five "late industrialization" green tire ". The specific objectives of this standard are: about 50% of the radial tire production enterprises have the ability to produce "green tires", more than 25% of the enterprise "green tire production the ordinary radial tire production.

Event Nine: Ministry of Industry and the establishment of the tire recycling industry "threshold"

In August this year, the Ministry of Industry and developed a tire retreading industry access conditions "and" waste tire comprehensive utilization industry access conditions to implement the "Circular Economy Promotion Law" to regulate the development of comprehensive utilization of waste tire industry order to promote the optimization and upgrading of enterprises, enhance environmental protection, improve resource utilization and management level, and guide the healthy and sustainable development. The two conditions tire retreading and waste tire processing enterprises access "threshold" is conducive to the norms of the industry, and orderly development.

The event ten: local tire companies start overseas layout strategies

With international trade barriers were high, and the demand for low-cost raw materials, domestic tire enterprises began to layout the overseas markets.